Thursday, 27 March 2008

A Hell of a Day Out....

Thats the slogan at Kingston Park Raceway "ITS A HELL OF A DAY OUT" and it was!!

For Matty's 16th birthday we decided to go go-karting. It was fast and noisy and lots of fun. Ash, Boyfriend Sam, Matt, Allan and Sam all raced in the karts whilst Jordy, Billy and I played air-hockey and watched. Here are some photos:

In between laps on the go-kart my big sister Ash read me my Nativity book and told me how the angels fly around (honestly she has no idea!)

Jordy took good care of me when everyone was driving and mummy was having a cup of hot chocolate.

Mummy tried to give me back my wet nappy but I just kept laughing at her....I didn't want it any more!

Guess the birthday boy didn't make the podium!!! (Actually Matt came first, then Allan but both were too shy to stand on the podium for the photo ha ha)

Monday, 24 March 2008

THE Bunny Shot

As requested by Aunty Ally.....


We are F. A. M. I. L. Y

...all my brothers and sisters and me!!!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Me N Sam N My Toothbrush

Sam has come to visit and I just love him, he is my big brother. Mummy was so excited to see him and he gave me a big cuddle first and I squealed with excitement. I was even a good boy driving home and talked the whole way telling him all about the things I had done since I last saw him.
Tonight at home, mummy was cooking the dinner and I got Sam to play with me. He has lovely curls and I just wanted to play with them.

All my family are here for Easter and it is a very special weekend for us. I can't wait until I get some of the eggs everyone keeps talking about!
Tonight I was a very good boy and brushed my teeth, like I do every night. At least tonight I didnt'try to brush my tonsils and choke!! Sam has silver on his teeth. Mummy says it is only for a few years and if I keep brushing maybe I won't have to have silver...but I like Sam's silver and keep trying to reach it.

I am going to bed now...because mummy says tomorrow is a very special day and I need my sleep

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Guess who comes today?????????? Yep - My brother Sam!!!

I was so excited I got up at 3am...mummy made me go back to sleep so I thought I had better do that and slept until 7am!!!
Mummy was so grumpy this morning and made me eat my milk so fast and get dressed really quickly. I dídn't get any play time at all! Mummy says I have to learn to get up at 6am or she will have to start setting an alarm.

I can't wait to see Sam. He thinks I am going to be a big boy. Well I am much bigger than when he last saw me - and I have my two big teeth to show him!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Bills Busy Weekend - PART 2

Then we had the birthday party for Matty at MONTEZUMAS Mexican Restaurant. It was great fun. They took our birthday cake to another table so I had to jump up and yell at the waiter. As it turned out the other table had bought a massive icecream cake so maybe I shouldn't have said anything....we'd still be there eating!!!

Me getting cuddles from Ash and Boyfriend Sam

This is me and my MOOSE on Daddy's lap. I like my MOOSE.

Bills Busy Weekend - PART 1

We went everywhere and did everything this weekend.
Saturday morning - Billy and I went for a run on our own in the city so we could have breakfast with Aunty Tess after her 35km run!! In the meantime we took lots of photos....of the city and southbank - here are a few.

Then we went up to Maroochydore for Matty's 16th on Sunday. We spent the day at the shops all getting haircuts (Allan and Matt) and then at the beach. I thought Billy would hate it because the water was COOOLLLLDDD but he loved it. The waves were very gentle and just lapped around him. Jordie was excellent and cuddled and played with him whilst he sat in the water. Getting his swimmers off was another struggle..

Friday, 14 March 2008

Fantastic Friday

What a great day.

I got out for a wee jog this morning before dropping Billy off. I came home to find Daddy and Billy fast asleep in bed together (Allan really has the knack of doing this...I need to learn it from him).

I had a full day at work and was disappointed when Allan rang to say he would be out of town tonight. However when I went to pick Billy up Jolly had my family's dinner already. It is a special dish made with marinated chicken and takes 100 ingredients to make...mmm not really but going by the list she gave me I made that up :)))

Anyhow it is a traditional Bangladesh dish call Balyini (?) I can't wait to try it tonight. Thanks goodness I DONT HAVE TO COOK!!!!!!!!

To top it all off there were two parcels on my doorstop (great thinking Australia Post) when I got home. One was the jacket I got Bill off ebay for $5.50 and the other was his Baby Book we had made. Both of which I am thrilled with and just so excited....with no one else but Bill to share the good tidings with we just had to do a photo session and blog page. All of which was too much for Billy who has promptly fallen asleep under the computer table...mmmmm maybe I had best just go eat my dinner now.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Worries of motherhood

Today was a worrisome day.

You slept well...until 4.30am at least. You have been so good Billy. *hugs* The last week you have slept from 8pm promptly through till 5am. When you do wake up you lay in your bed gurgling and talking for a while and are happy to lay there until mummy is fully awake and able to come in and get you.

This morning you wanted to be fed promptly upon waking. I think it may have something to do with daddys alarm going off so noisily at that time.

After feeding you I laid down to sleep and asked you to be quiet and watch me sleep for 30mins my astonishment you closed your eyes and fell asleep until 6am. It was wonderful to be sleeping with you and to get an extra hours nap in!!

The worry started when I woke at 6am for the second time that day and found you covered from head to toe in spots...they weren't there before. Then again neither was the light so I could have missed them!
You didn't have a temperature or seem fussy or any different to any other day so I took you to Jollys.

Jolly agreed that it was nothing much to worry about. Her calls to me at work to remind me that it was nothing to worry about....did nothing to stop me worrying!!!!

Daddy and I agreed to get you early and keep you under watchful eye at home - where you have proceeded to drink more booby and roll around the floor making general mischief. I am glad you are okay. I hope the dots go away soon bub and you are back to your beautiful soft, smooth baby skin. Mummy doesn't like to be worried about you.

BTW Just thought I would tell NAN - Daddy ironed (yes you heard correctly) Billys blue outfit specially before he went to work. Isn't he good!!! Now to teach him how to do his own uniforms!!!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I'm a Big Boy Now....

On Saturday I was waiting for Aunty Tess. She was out running for hours and hours. I got very thirsty waiting so I decided to have my bottle whilst mummy had her breakfast. Told you I am a big boy now!

I went to visit my Grandma at her new home. It was lots of fun and I got to sleep outside in the breeze (thats where mummy put me - on the balcony!!!).
At night time Daddy and Mummy took me to a hotel. It was my first night in a hotel...I wanted to watch TV all night but had to go to sleep. I slept in a big bed all by myself. It was pretty cool. Best bit was rolling off at 5am, my mummy was sleeping on the floor and caught me. She said she couldn't believe how I could roll over a big fat pillow...then Daddy said I was bigger and fatter! HUMPH!!

I love my daddy....he gave me some apple juice. I had to suck it from the apple.

When mummy got up very early I got to sleep with Daddy. I took up all the bed and daddy had to sleep all folded up so he wouldn't squash me...he is a good daddy.

I am counting down till Easter because all my brothers and sisters are coming to visit me. Sam is coming on a plane and the others on a train. They are soooo grown up.

Friday, 7 March 2008

7th March 2008....big event day

Today I got my first tooth..

Do you think mummy could get a photo of it...ha ha ha ha


My little big sis really wants to see it but she is going to have to come and visit me to see it.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008



I don't usually have a pillow but it sits in the cot as I have made a habit of pushing myself from the bottom of the cot to the top and hitting my head on the walls of the cot. Today however I decided I would roll around and just see if anyone would eventually come to get me. I had a big sleep and didn't wake up at all during the night so I had lots of energy to play before my big feed. The pillow was a nice play to stop and have a rest....

Sunday, 2 March 2008

In Canberra....

Hello Peoples....Mummy and I are in Canberra. We go home tomorrow so mummy said she would tell more stories later.

For now here are some photos.