Monday, 30 April 2007

Nuchal (Down Syndrome) Scan

I heard mum and dad talking. They didn't go for the nuchy scan. They said something about prefering to not know and wanting to bond with baby before it is born rather than be stressed about it. Gosh I don't think I am stressing mum out already...plenty of time for that to come :)

24th April - Mum squealed with delight because when I did a summersault she felt it. Dad put his big hand on mums belly and I tried kicking it. He said I was farting!!!! I was kicking!!! Maybe they don't feel it very much at the moment. I certainly have a lot of room in here to play with.

Mum is feeling queasy again at night time. I heard her telling Ash (my big sister) that she wasn't feeling great and only ate half of her dinner. Wonder what is making her sick?

Off to the doctors again this week. Fingers crossed they take some photos and show mum and dad a picture of me waving to them. I can't wait to meet them. They seem so nice already and I know they really love me lots.

Thursday, 5 April 2007


Mum took me along to the doctors today. He had bought some new equipment (likely from the fees that we paid last time) and was able to do a really cool scan. He was moving the wand thing all over me and my heart was beating fast - 161 bpm. Mum was pretty happy when she heard it, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom.

Doctor also told her because she was really fit her pelvis was holding me up way high. He said it was most unusual for a woman who has had previous babies.

Today's scan showed that I am getting smaller, back now to 11.5weeks instead of being 12 weeks old. But Doc said to rely on the initial scan as that was done on much better equipment. Now I have to have ANOTHER scan at the clinic booked for 19th April. At least this one Dad has to come along too woo hoo then he gets to hear my heart beat!!! Maybe I'll wave to him too..

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

I like pineapple

Mum went for a 7km run this morning and took me with her - thankfully :)

I had a bananna when she woke up, then after the run we had some pineapple (yummy) and watermelon. It was all very good. But I was very hungry soon after that and didn't feel well so then mummy didn't feel well and had to force some cereal down. It was good cereal and filled me up quickly.

I hope mum doesn't get hungry too often. I don't like it when she does.

Monday, 2 April 2007

My life so far

I am nearly 12 weeks old. I weigh about 16gms and am almost 4" in length.
I have a strong heartbeat of 101 beats pm.

I hate tea and coffee. I love italian hot chocolate.
I have vegetables, I love fruit.
I love salt and hot chillis. I dont like dairy much at all.

My mum is a runner and I feel most comfortable when she takes us out running. I can't wait to meet my mom and grow up to be a runner like her.

I am going to see the doctor on Thursday for a nuchal translucency scan so mum will know if I have Downs Syndrome or not.

My mom is complaining about her tummy but I'm not even big yet. I think it is her eating too much that is making her tummy big - but don't tell her I said that!

I heard my brothers and sisters picking out names for me. I like what they choose. I wonder if mum will pick one of them?