Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Playing with Daddy in bed....

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Weekend Chores

Mummy was cleaning the verandah....I was cleaning the glass doors for her.....dont they look shiny..tastes good too!!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Billy Billy Billy

Crawling around and making trouble...thats what he is up to nowadays - just in case you were wondering!

Such a delightful child is our Bill but do they mysteriously know where the button to the off/on TV is??
Now that he can crawl all around he is on the move everywhere..not to mention into everything. He has finally been able to do what Dante did all those months ago and turn OFF/ON the music to his Jungle Gym...yyyaaaaahhh NOT!

Billy was keen to help Ashleigh and Sam (her boyfriend) do their annual finger painting piece of art.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Satay Ballina Chicken..

....serve it up with Potatoe Bake and Mullumbimby Broccoli


Stopped in at the Macadamia Castle on the way home and got some Macadamia Satay sauce that is locally produced. An absolute treat to marinate some chicken with.

Billy thought it was all boring compared to his mashed dinner.

But nothing looks yummier than my little baby all snuggled up in his sleeping bag.

Nighty night baby....1 degrees tonight so at least I know you will be warm.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Visiting Grandma..

This weekend we took Billy down to see his Grandma and say hello. It was a wonderful visit.
We got there on Friday night in time to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Next morning we all arose to see the highlights and enjoy the smells and tastes of Grandma Gems Puff De Loonies mmmmmm they were delicious as usual with lashings of golden syrup. Jordie has been inducted into the taste and ate the plate!!

Next up we went and spent the morning on the beach...just watching the waves, the dolphins and watching Billy eat the sand. He totally loved being on the beach so we went to the shops and got him some sunnies and a new bathing suit. However we decided to eat lunch at the river sitting on the green grass of the park nearby and just watch the water so he didn't get the chance to don his bathers yet.

Back at Grandma's we received another mouthwaters treat of curry sausages and rice..with all the added herbs and spices from Grandmas home garden. It was a night for James Bond as we settled in to watch the latest one.

Back home today after breakfast at the Macadamia Castle....time to go on a diet I think!!! Needless to say Jordie, Allan and Billy are all asking me when we are next going back to see Grandma!!!!

oooopps off to catch Billy.....he is crawling everywhere now and just won't sit still!!!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy Days

It's soooo cold here at the moment. Poor Billy has to sit VERY close to the heater to keep warm. Not that it stops him from holding the remote...typical bloke!!!

PS before you start reporting me to child safety the heater was off...he was just copying what the other kids do when it is ON!!!!

The teeth are starting to be a real problem. Not that he has grown any more for a few months....but he is starting to really chew and bite HARD on anything that comes into contact with his own mouth - okay if it is HIS fingers....not if it is my boobs!!!!!