Sunday, 24 February 2008

Skating...and other stuff

I am such a cool cat on my skateboard...okay so it is my brother mattys board..but he let me borrow it for a minute. I can't wait until I am older and able to ride it properly.

I love to hold onto things is good when Mummy finds things like my soft cube that are big enough to not fit into my mouth. Otherwise everything I hold goes straight there...

My Daddy is teaching me how to walk. I am trying to catch up to my Cuz Dante who is standing around looking like a big boy and I want to be just like him. I can stand for 1 whole second now!!!!!! Then I do my tumbling act...which makes me and everyone else laugh.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Tumbling lessons

People think I am a moviestar because I always start smiling for the camera but today I was doing my tumbling act and as soon as anyone came in the room I went shy.

Mummy got the camera but I decided to lay down on the job then...heh heh heh

It was pay back for the 30min head massage mum gave me last night to try to encourage my hair growth!!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Sunday, 17 February 2008


My Daddy and Uncle Rex took me to my first ever footy game. Mummy came too but i wasn't allowed to talk to her (unless I got hungry then I had to give her special smiles to be nice again) because she was going for the lions.

I was going for the BOMBERS!!! Uncle Rex even gave me a special footy and my very own Essendon scarf. I had a great night.

My sister Jordan and her friend Gracie came too! Gracie is my brother Matt's girlfriend :) hee hee

It was such an exciting game and my team WON!! Just when we were leaving to go home it started raining lots and lots. Mummy was carrying me and i was squealing with fun. We were running everywhere but it was still like a cold shower...Jordie and Gracie were soaked to the bone. Even Daddy had to drive home in no clothes because they were too wet. Mummy kept some dry clothes for me so I was ok but it was so much fun to be rushing everywhere and getting wet!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day Mummy

I was just so adorable every other day really.

But with Daddy away i was extra special for mummy and we had a giggly play time, a fun bath time
and a cute massage time. Here are the photos to prove it :)
BTW who is the silly Aunty that sent me this girls outfit amongst the boys clothes?? Mummy thought it was great to pretend she had a little girl and kept brushing my hair telling me to grow curls....

Daddy took this of us yesterday so everyone could see how Billy does his blogs....

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Here are some photos for my family and friends that don't see me very often....oooh that would be most of you!!!

My big sister Ashleigh giving me a cuddle....

Me asleep in my big cot this morning...mummy couldn't wake me up!!!

Me on my Magic Pillow trying to climb over the top of much fun but exhausting!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

My NAN Loves Me!!!

My Nan must truly love me because when I got home from the doctors today I had a parcel waiting on the front doorstep.

I have MORE magic pillows to take to day care with me now - and they have my name on them!

I also can wash up with a new cloth every day - now i even know what day it is.....but it doesn't make the cloth taste any better~!!!

Heading towards the weekend...

We are over the hump day and that makes me happy....that means the weekend is not too far away.

The first few days of having Bill in care for the day have been chaotic, tiring and emotionally exhausting.
Dropping him off for his first day, I cried for the whole hour to get to work. I was a mess. He was fine!!
When I picked him up I had to fight hard to get him to come home. Jolly's kids have adopted him and he likes sitting in his chair watching them play ball in the afternoon.

Jolly loves Billy because he is so soft and cuddly and is a very good eater. Jolly believes if the baby eats well then everything else will be fine. I try to remember that in the middle of the night when I am frantically trying to express more milk to feed my endless drinker!

Billy is not suffering at all from being in Day care. Allan and I are finding it tough but we had a good talk last night and decided to wait it out until Easter and then if we need to make some changes we will. Firstly we need to adjust the times Bill is in care because I don't have enough time to get to work and home at the moment and that is one of my major stresses. My job doesn't allow for me to arrive late and leave early so I have not been enjoying it as much as I hoped.

The Milking Factory is the only other thing I stress about. Billy just drinks too much!! He feeds at home 6pm, 7pm and 8pm (all small feeds for about 10min) before going to bed until 4am. Then he feeds at 4am for a big feed and again at 7am just before I drop him off. I have to leave him with 5 bottles of 100ml. Jolly said he is often hungry so 100ml doesn't do him but he still needs to have quantity of x5 to accommodate his sleeping/waking cycle. I am hanging out till Easter (7 weeks) when he will start on some solids and hopefully then the milk requirement will drop off.

I want to breastfeed Billy until he goes to school. Allan just laughs and laughs and reminds me of how I wanted to stop at 3months!!! Seriously though, it is my one connection with him and our own special bonding time so I will be very sad to give it up before he is 1 year old. However I admit that it is very hard work to continue solely breastfeeding whilst I am working 40hrs a week and travelling as well. Not to mention trying to run! It is likely the food and possibly a formula bottle will be introduced once Easter break is over. That may give me some rest so I won't have to be pumping 24/7.

I am starting to feel like it will all work. The explosion of returning to work is starting to settle and I can see the light (aka payday) so I have my fingers and toes crossed that it all works and what we are doing is in the best interests of our little family.

Any tips or comments about working mothers would be most welcome!!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008




Sunday, 3 February 2008

Last Day of the Rest of My Life....

My mummy is very sad today.

She goes back to work tomorrow morning and I head into fulltime day care with Jolly.

Jolly is a Bangladesian woman with a very nice home and a loving family. She takes care of up to 5 children in her house and I will be her special fulltime baby. She looked after me on Saturday and I liked it when she kept calling me BUBBA and rubbing my head. Mummy said she is going to love me very much which makes it easier for her to go to work every day.

To celebrate togetherness this weekend my mummy, my daddy and I have been very busy and spending lots and lots of time together. Today we went to Aunty Glorias for a coffee (that's what Mummy calls Gloria Jeans) and visited some family members I haven't seen before. Daddy's cousin Rachel and her kids. It was fun and I got to wear my new hat outside.

Yesterday when Mummy picked me up from Jolly's and stopped crying we went to the supermarket and did some shopping. Then I had a big sleep with Daddy in his bed. Last night we went to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner with Aunty Tesso for Katy's 40th birthday (who I run with on Saturdays). Aunty Tesso said she had ordered the full banquet because they gave her two grains of rice!!!! She is funny Aunty Tesso.

My sister Ashleigh is here with me now visiting and making me smile. Mummy is very sad and busy getting all my bottles ready and washing my sheets. My mummy is going to miss me very much and I am going to miss her very much. Daddy said he will look after both of us lots this week so the family is all happy.

I will be happy if I do a poo. It has been 3 days and I am very full up and my tummy is getting too fat to put nappies on. I hope I do a poo before I go to Jolly's house or it might scare her.......