Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My Godmother

I went to visit my Godmother today - my mummy's Aunty Rose.

She had a lovely home and big big windows so I could lay on my rug and watch the palm trees and the rain. It was nice and cool and I stayed for a long time because I was on my best behaviour.

Mummy had chicken and salad and biscuits and icecream and lots of goodies. I think we will be visiting her a lot!!!

Aunty Rose gave me lots of cuddles and kept making me smile.

I am glad she is my Godmummy.

Australia Day Weekend

We are teething.....

I was going to leave it at that as all the parents out there would understand what we are going through with just those words but that would not be fair to my beautiful son.

The slobbering, crying and restlessness is intermittent and - thankfully - in between I still have my giggling, smiling, cooing baby that just lights up when his mum or dad walk in the room. It makes us proud to be able to soothe him and be the ones he looks for when he is in pain or upset. I just wish he didn't have to scream so loud...surely soon the child safety officers will come knocking to see what is going on!!!

We have a tooth on the bottom and white bits on the top (teeth threatening to come through the gums). I don't even think the bottom tooth will stay as it seems to come and go. Any advice or information on teething would be welcome!!

For pain relief, we took Bill to the pub for a beer on Australia Day...where he was accosted by the Bundy Rum girls....funny Dad didn't seem to be concerned too much with this!!!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Getting Stronger Every Day

Now that I am three months old I am going to start working out and getting stronger.

The big alligator that Aunty Ally bought me helps me work out my arm and chest muscles....I am able to hold up my neck now and am getting to be a bit strong boy.

Mummy says I look funny because when I am on my tummy I work out for a few minutes and then lay down on the job and just coo. When I am on my back I push my feet and crawl all over the place...mum says I am never going to crawl - just slide everywhere. I think she wants to put some cloth nappies on so I can clean the wooden floors as I go!!!!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Three Months Old

Woo hoo now we are three months old we can revert to the calendar system (ie instead of counting weeks...) Officially we are 13 weeks but I prefer to follow the months so it is less confusing!!!

Billy is sleeping soundly for his morning naps. We are struggling with the bottle at the moment because he does not like the frozen milk we have in good supply (no one told me that the milk changes flavour to suit his needs)...so I am madly trying to express as much new stuff as I can to build up a fresh bank of milk in time for him to go to day care in 10 days time. I am sure we will have a supermarket full by then so no panic really. Then again....Billy is now 7.5kg and growing each day so I think perhaps the milk supply may need to start coming in a truck!!!

Here are some more photos of our trip:

Shae and Jordan - Little Mummies to LJ and Billy

Cousin Gemma with Billy

Uncle Karl holding Billy...just before he slid off his knee and onto the floor (Uncle Karl is just sooo good with babies!)

Oma Lyn holding Billy

Monday, 21 January 2008

Back Home Safe n Sound!!

It has been an extremely busy two weeks - and that is saying something when you have a three month old baby!!!

We flew up to Darwin for pops 70th Birthday and spent the days and nights catching up with all our family and friends that live up there. It was hectic but Billy loved it all and was on his best behaviour despite the humidity and our busy days. He slept well at night and gave us several 8am sleep ins which I was most impressed with.

When we arrived Nan gave Billy his belated Christmas Stocking. There is a photo of all the things she made to fill it with....it was wonderful and his stocking is now safe and sound packed away for Christmas 2008.

Sam met up with us in Darwin and loved the time he had with his brother Billy. We took lots of photos and it was sad to leave him. He took Billy to his first movie (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and helped with his first swim too! It was great to see his confidence around babies grow and he made me so proud when I heard Billy cry and turned to see it was him that ran to pick him up and cuddle him.

My two sisters that live in Darwin got the opportunity to cuddle their youngest nephew and spoil Billy rotten.

Thanks to cousin LJ, Billy also got to have lots of toys and exciting things to play with whilst he was visiting Aunty Bridgy. The photo above is Bridgy with Cuz LJ.

Once I sort through all the many photos I took on the trip I will post some more. There are heaps of ones with Billy and his cousins - especially Shae who spoilt him rotten with lots of cuddles and kisses...

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I'll have to post some photos soon, but thought I had best jump on the computer and let you all know we are still alive and well.

Allan and I have brought Billy up to Darwin for his Pops 70th Birthday. It is today but we are having a big family party on Saturday to celebrate. Tonight Billy is going to his cousin Gemma's house to be babysat whilst the adults go out for a nice dinner. Will be interesting to see what state everyone is in after we pick him up later tonight.

So far we have been running around doing family stuff.....Nan's birthday dinner, shopping with Aunty Rosie and Aunty Bridgette, dinner at Aunty Bridgettes house and playing with LJ, visiting Lyn and Terry and cousins Bailey and Georgia, playing with best friend Nathan (and getting punched in the face....) and lots more. Billy is inundated with family and friends and thinks this is a great life up here in Darwin. He has had his first swim in the pool and spents lots of time with his big brother Sam. Life is always good when you are on holiday I keep telling him.

He has been sleeping really well - which I was scared about. We put him to bed late - so we can have him spend more time with Nan and Pop and who evers house we are at. So he has been going down at 10pm and waking up at 6am. Then back to bed for another couple of hours (unless I feel like getting up and playing with him).

Today everyone has gone out on the boat (except Billy and I )so we came in to visit Aunty Bridgette and LJ for a play day.

Photos to come......

Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Years Routine

We have started the Year off with a new routine in order to get Billy prepared for full time Day Care. After being soley breastfed for the past 10 weeks we have now commenced giving him bottles between the hours of 9am-5pm (to simulate working hours). It has been working wonderfully and it so amazing to see him quickly adjust his eating routine.

Previously I demand fed him whenever he had his 'hungry'cry. Now I make him wait until at least 2 hours is up and he then gets 100ml of breastmilk in the bottle. It is fantastic and on New Years Day Daddy gave him all his bottles and spent the day bonding with him. Jordie takes a turn when she can but I am still keen to keep being his primary feeder to make it seem somewhat familiar.

The bottle is no problems for him and neither is going back to the boobie for his night/early morning feeds. Amazing enough I find that he now eats more at night/morning and less in the day. This helps him be more active and attentive and have longer wake periods. The result of which last night was a sleep from 8pm through till 5am this morning. Great!!!!! Unfortunately he didn't want to go back to sleep then so I had to get up and we played for a couple of hours and had a cup of tea. Then at 7am we both went back to bed for another hour before getting up for the day.
I think this new routine suits Billy and mostly it suits his family. We can all participate and I am confident that I can leave him for periods at a time with others and he won't be fussy.

Then again...we are only on day 3 so I'll keep you all updated on how we are going. The big challenge we face next week is leaving him for a 6hr stretch as a trial daycare day - Jordie his big sister will be in charge and I will be going in for a half day at work.
We also need to get out to the shops or friends house to practice heating/giving him bottles outside of the family home. I am also quickly learning the best times of day to express the milk so I can keep up with the supply/demand of a hungry baby! 4am expressing is just exactly what I had in mind when I heard the doctor say many months ago "You are Pregnant!!!"

Life is fun!