Thursday, 27 December 2007

Getting Ready to Fly....

Counting down the days till we fly to Darwin now that Christmas is over.

I love this suit my brother bought me from Movieworld. It is a Superman outfit and has a real cape and all!! I was flying around in my pram this morning with my mummy. I love our morning walks.

I have to change into something else now because we are going shopping and mum says she doesn't want to fly past the shops today...she wants to actually go in and look at things. I guess I had best be on my best behaviour then...she might even buy me something!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Twas the Night After Christmas and all were in bed....

...well we can dream can't we!!

Christmas was a great day at the Bellenger household. Allan and I went down to the Gold Coast on Christmas Eve to spend the night with our family. We enjoyed a few too many drinks and after just a few hours of overindulging in both beverages and delicious food we hopped into bed. Billy was very well behaved when he woke up at 4am Christmas morning - much better than his father who was severely regretting his overindulgence the night before :)

Billy quickly dressed into his working clothes and got to work delivering smiles and cuddles to everyone.

After the traditional big christmas lunch we headed home for a long christmas night playing monopoly and opening the many many presents that santa had delivered to our home. As expected Bill was spoilt by his brothers and sisters and went to bed for a very long sleep from 8 pm till 5 am. Obviously his christmas gift to his mother !!!

Boxing day saw the family hit the shops in both cars in preparation for some big spending at the boxing day sales!
Daddy Bellenger spent the day driving around Brisbane instead of sitting in front of the Cricket and was most happy about this....must have had something to do with his new GPS toy he got from the kids for Chrissy. Mummy Bellenger was delighted with her kitchen applicances and her beautiful ring that has 3 blue stones (for the boys) and two white stones (for the girls). As I mentioned....we were all spoilt this year.

Now the days inbetween Christmas and New Year are upon us and we hope to get in some serious R&R, a bit of jogging, catch up with some friends and eat lots of junk before all the New Year resolutions kick in.

Right now though....we are off to Chinese restaurant to finish that Boxing Day trend of spending every cent in the bank.

Merry Christmas and love to all xxxxxxx

90 Years and 9 Weeks old today!!

Billy with his great Grandma on Christmas day.....we had a great day!!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Getting Ready For Christmas

Here I am with my Christmas Stocking Bear...and matching hat. I feel like Silly Billy but it makes me laugh!

Aunty Bridgette and Uncle Rob sent me a BIRTHDAY BEAR when I was born. It arrived just before we moved house so mum wouldn't let me have it until this week when the house was all clean. I love the bear because it is bigger than me and I can fall over on it and cuddle it. It has my name and the day I was born written on the foot of the bear so I will keep it forever. We call it Billy Bear. Mum likes that because everyone calls her Claire Bear.

Anyone Missing a Shoe?

Prince Charming must have learnt a thing or two from Cinderella.....this shoe was left on the staircase of my new home. Would the owner please put their teeny hand up???

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Billys Baptism

After a hot service in the church...Billy just had to find somewhere to lay down and cool off.

And so another Month passes by......

Wow...who could imagine what you can pack into one month of living.

Billy if this is going to be your life...I think I want my money back! The past month has been very hectic and I can't recall each day - it is all just a blur of activity and achievement. Some of the things we did:

Grandma turned 90.
Billy had his first smile.
We moved house.
We cleaned house(s)
Billy and Jordan were baptised.
My sisters came to visit.
My sisters bought their kids with them.
Ashleigh went overseas.
We did the Christmas shopping.
Billy and I had numerous doctor and dentist visits.
We queued at Medicare for several days :)))

Amongst that we continued to have our daily coffee at the local Coffee Club (remind me to buy shares) or similar cafe. Billy loves sitting in the airconditioning whilst mum relaxes and yes - has her fix of caffeine. I can't imagine what I was thinking drinking decaf for so long! Viva la Caffeine!!!!!!!

As you will see from the photos it has been fun and Billy and I are continuing to have full days with lots of family, friends and fun. We loved having my sisters and their babies come and visit. It was great to see them and see how the three babies are all developing differently and to also talk to my sisters to see what I am doing wrong or right.

Dante has grown so much since we last saw him only a couple of months ago. He has grown both literally and characteristically (okay I just made up that word I think!). He has so many expressions and noises now that I think he is just a little boy pretending to be a baby! I loved how he tried to get Billy out of his capsule!
Wasn't he suprised to be caught in the act heh heh

LJ stayed at our house for a couple of days and despite him being almost 3 months older than Billy, we were able to share toys and yes even their clothes. Both boys are about the same size. Though Billys Belly is certainly the bit that gives him his girth. LJ is long and lean and such a good looking boy. Beautiful skin that even Billy tried eating!

This morning was the Christmas run at PCRG and it was great to see everyone again. Even better - we got to dress up. Billy loved his santa's hat and loved Aunty Tesso's tinsel on her outfit. Jordan and I pushed Billy around whilst we fired water pistols at all the runners and cooled them down. After all the beautiful things Anna said about Billy I thought it best to not shoot the premier so she got away dry....

Thursday, 6 December 2007

My Cuz LJ


My cousin LJ arrived you can see he is a runner.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

My First Day at PCRG

Mummy got me up at 4.30am to go running with her old running group. It was fun to go along but I slept most of the time and woke up for a feed just after mummy started walking hee hee.

Mummy walked 4km in total and then went to the doctor for a checkup. Officially he said we can now go for small jogs but mummy said to wait a few more weeks so we will be going to PCRG again but just walking to get me used to the pram.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Billy's Update - My weekend

It all started our fairly ordinary I thought....Saturday morning my mummy was running around frantically trying to find me another outfit to wear after I had thrown up on my suit. She kept saying "hurry hurry hurry"and was going in and out of the room sqawking like a parrot. I just sat there in my blanket and planned how to dirty this new outfit she choose........heh heh

Mum took me to her running group. We got there at 6am, well ok it was 6:08am when we arrived. Running late is getting to be a habit!
We went for a great walk in my pram - my longest walk ever for 90mins. I saw a lovely lady who thought I looked smashing. Mummy said I should have shaken her hand because she was the Queensland Premier....but I was just wanting to see my Aunty Tess and Aunty Liz to show them my puppy dog ear shirt.

Mummys friends Tara and Ciaran were at breakfast after our walk and they cuddled me so mummy could eat her breakfast. It was fun to meet so many peoople. Mummy said Ciaran was a dentist so he was just looking at how my teeth were going (not!).

Katy and Mark - more of mummys' friends gave me lots of presents. I like them!!! I got this gigantic blue bear and a beautiful rug for my cot. Katy talks a lot and her and mummy are going to go walking again next Saturday because it was so much fun for all of us. I just enjoy being in my pram because with Mummy and Katy around a little boy is not going to get a word/cry in the conversation at all..........

This morning we went to mass again. The ladies love looking after me. Then mummy went to 100 different shops to buy some marshmellows so she could cook daddy some rocky road stuff...I have a snuffy nose though so mummy has been looking after me and didn't get a chance to cook it today.

Now I am just waiting for my Daddy to come home so he can give me lots of big hugs. He has been gone a long time and I miss him. xxxxxx