Saturday, 27 September 2008

Photos...and more photos

I got a cheap camera and have been having fun taking was so terrible not having one for so long.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I can only blame myself

Billy is falling into the habit of waking up early..because from time to time I need to wake him up at 4am so he can come running with me when Allan is away.

Unfortunately this is starting to cause his whole routine to be out of whack.

...but at least he is still cute so I tend to forgive him everything. I think he wakes up in case I go without him because he doesn't want to miss out on 100 people feeding him watermelon!!!!

I hope to put up some photos tonight..we went to Harvey Normans and got a cheap $100 camera. It is pretty damn good and I think extremely good value for money. I know I won't fuss about if it gets a bit knocked around in the baby bag either - though I don't want to go through not having one every again. I felt so isolated from my e-life!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Billy - cutest runner in Queensland

Took Billy out for a run this morning. After being laid up with a virus for the past two weeks it was great to get out for a jog...even though it nearly killed me :)

Here he is doing his stretches Coach said he was doing his Wrist Exercises!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Learning New Things


Billy is learning new things as he approaches his 11th Month.

He is able to wave goodbye when I drop him off (and goodbye to Jolly when I pick him up).

He is also able to stick his fingers in any powerpoint that looks dangerous or push shut any drawer / door that is likely to catch his fingers. Our house is now semi-childproof which means we can no longer freely open Allan has installed catches/locks etc to keep Billy out. Needless to say I try to keep as much stuff as I can on the kitchen bench avoid the pain of trying to open a cupboard!!!

Billy is walking around a bit whilst holding onto furniture. He is very strong on his feet and at a whopping 13kg is as big as they come (excluding our very own Cousin Dante heh heh). His belly is still hanging out of his nappy and clothes and causes him to overbalance at times...but he is adjusting rather than watching what he eats.

Billy in Ballina

How cool is my beautiful boy with his sunnies on in the hard task of getting him to keep wearing them and NOT eating them!


This is why I can't sleep much....because Billy takes up all the bed!!!

No pretty pictures...

Despite you all thinking us Queenslanders are just slacking is the camera that is slacking off. It has finally died and with no replacement we are unable to take any pretty pictures.

I have a few from the mobile that I will try to upload shortly.

So until we invest in a camera....not much here to see :(

Friday, 5 September 2008

Nothing exciting happening


....we are all just chilling here.

Getting excited about the next few months. We have taken a leaf out of Grandma Gem and Grandad Bills book and decided to travel around the country...well some of us anyhow.

I am off to Gold Coast today...then Adelaide for a few days work (went to Melbourne last month)...then Perth for the wedding...then Jordie is up to Darwin to hang with Nan and now is the quiet period.

Billy loves nothing more than to sit at the computer and watch the wiggles. Hence I have to do the blog updates when he is in bed/at school or I have to suffer through an hour of Wiggle play :)