Tuesday, 27 May 2008

......still teething

He is gone past 7 months of age and this is where we find ourselves:

**Loving all foods...providing they are solid and not mushy
**Teething..he has 7 teeth now and more coming. He hasn't complained at all but is a drooling mess!
**Loves reading books...especially THE GREEN SHEEP
**Sitting up and playing with all his toys - reaching for those he can't quite get.
**not even thinking about crawling...his belly gets in the way
**gone up to WALKER nappies. He weighs just shy of 12kg.
**Put one of our carseats to forward facing - so he can talk to me on the shorter trips.
**Drinking water - he loves it and has his own cup...though he prefers it out of my cup!!
**Recognising people and feeling unsettled with strangers. No longer will he be happy to just get picked up by anyone!

All in all he is such a blessing to Allan and I and gives us such joy each day.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Thanks Aunty Bridgette!!!!!


climbing up the water spout


heh heh heh heh.....just kidding!!!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Billys Brother....

Thanks to everyone who sent Sam a text for his 14th Birthday yesterday. He was soooo excited to get them all.

It was a tremendous day for us all round.

Sam turned 14...(I feel sooo old)
Billy said Dad da (he felt sooo good)

We went to a local Thai shop for dinner last night and it was quite good. Food was gorgeous and yummy. I stole the curry puffs off the entree plate and fed them to Billy who was wriggling around. After that he was addicted. He just sat in his chair and ate curry puffs all night. Please don't tell Aunty Ally....she might remind me how I said I would never feed my son that sort of thing...I mean really a curry puff is the Indian version of a chinese dim sim :)) **rolling around floor laughing**

Gotta go study...big exam on Tuesday and I am under a lot of stress to complete it. Costs $100US each time to sit it and no-one in our company has passed it yet. NO PRESSURE they say....we just need to be certified by Friday!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Meet My Piglet

Billy went to bed one night....I woke up to find a little piglet in his place. I'll try to take a photo today and put it up.

We have been struggling with feeding Billy solids. Mainly because I can only cook for 6 so he just never seemed to empty his plate. Baby jar foods are so runny and yucky - but THANK GOODNESS ever so convenient. When I have made up food for him myself he seems to hate the flavours and unfortunately I have a few months supply of something he doesn't seem to like....

So I have now worked out he HATES advocado..funny because everyone tells me babies love this. He adores pumpkin and potatoe. Loves his fruit too. Tonight we try some new stuff....baked beans. Wizzed up in the blender I hear it is fantastic for babes and they love the taste. Something new to try anyhow. convenient too! Must make sure to get the no/low salt variety though.

Anyhow yesterday I decided to make a whole bowl of peaches/bananna in the blender. Instead of freezing it...he ate the lot. I mean a WHOLE bowl. Adult size. Kid you not! He loved it. I had added in a bit of farex because I made it too runny but it still had some chunks of bananna so I think this is what he loved. Anyhow I am waiting still for the gigantic poo to follow...might be today at day care heh heh

If anyone has any great baby food ideas/tricks please make sure to let me know. Billy is almost 7 months old now so I am keen to get him started on a good variety of food.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Generations of mums

For Mothers Day we had a wonderful lunch at Uncle Tony's with my Grandma, my mum, Allan and Billy. Not to mention the other aunts and uncles. Fresh prawns, crab dip in a hot cob, lamb chops on the BBQ, pork crackling (groan...) and all the alcohol you can imagine. Billy loved the mash pototoe most, my favourite was the icecream!!

When mum wasn't looking Billy grabbed some of the bread dip to see what all the fuss was about....

It was wonderful to see Grandma Ryall want to cuddle Billy and to have mum there to spend some time with.

Mothers Day

A most delightful day!

We stayed the night down at Ret and Petes house on the Gold Coast and awoke this morning refreshed and ready to go...Billy slept through till 6am after going to bed at 8pm the night before so he was the perfect dream child. Of course Allan got him up and took him out so I could get another hours sleep which was just heaven!! I didn't realise until I got up that Allan and Billy went out and slept for another hour on the couch....not fair!!!

A perfect start to mothers day. The kids phoned through and sent messages and it was lovely to see my own mum and grandma as well. Before a big family lunch we went for a walk on the beach and Billy got his feet wet and sandy...we stopped at a cafe for a bottle and a coffee for me! Needless to say Billy was wiped out when we got home.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

5 teeth, solid food, daily poos', we got it all.....


BILLY BEING A PIRATE (yes he has LJ's tiger too!)


Like cuz LJ Billy has been busy growing his teeth and now has three big ones at the top and two at the bottom. His fourth top tooth is coming down as we speak so he is loving his 'nipple grazing' at the moment!!!

The eating of solid foods has taken some getting used to. He loves to eat adult food - ie hold a chop bone, a raw bean or a piece of potatoe but try to give him some runny mashed baby food and he throws it all over the place. We are persevering and despite warnings on everything I see I tend to make his food more thicker than recommended and hence he enjoys it. I mean seriously some of the baby food is so runny you can't hold it on the spoon!!!

Thanks to all the solids and his 2-3 formula bottles he has during the day (yah no more expressing at work!!) he is having wonderfully regular poos and it is quite the entertainment to the whole household to watch him struggle and groan with his lot in life.

Billy was wonderfully looked after by his biggest sister this week. Ashleigh came and stayed with us as I had to fly to Sydney for work for a few days. She took him to daycare, fed and bathed him at night and got up to him in the EARLY morning...I say early because he woke up at 4am every night I was away heh heh missing his mother of course!!! Whilst I got a lot done on my trip and it was very beneficial to my job I missed my family dearly and am glad to be home...can someone tell me where my housekeeper and ironing lady went to???

Miss you Nan!

Thursday, 1 May 2008


where are all my friends gone?? I have all these toys and no Dante or LJ to play with. Come back....PLEASE!! I'm even trying to copy you all and sit up straight. But not even interested in crawling.

The Dant totally ruined my high chair...or thats what I told mummy so she went and bought me a brand new one just like his and LJ's. I like being a copy cat!

Nanny was mean to me today. She took me to the doctors in my pram and told them to stick needles in me. I cried afterwards for a couple of minutes but after a nice cuddle from my Nan I was okay again. I even gave her lots of smiles and so she gave me a bottle before I had my afternoon nap. I'm going to miss my Nan when she goes.