Friday, 25 April 2008

Anzac Day

Up early and into town for the big Anzac Day March. Jordie and her friend Abby came down on the train to be with us as well.

We watched for hours whilst the big procession of service men and women and families went past us. It was most exciting seeing my friend Andy go past and as we were standing in front of the Shrine of Rememberance whenever anyone went past us they screamed out "hhhhhhaaattttss offfff" "eyyyyeeeeessss leeeeeeefffftt" so I kept telling Billy they were all turning to look at him :) Andy screamed out for his squadron to look left and I waved crazy and yelled at him. ooopss might have distracted him!!

Anyhow it was a great day and emotional parade. Nothing got the crowd screaming more than the old bloke who got out of his wheelchair to walk proudly past the Shrine and dip his head respectfully......I was in tears at this stage.

Billy slept through but was rudely awoken by the bagpipes that came through shortly afterwards.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Big Sisters 19th Birthday



It was Ashleighs 19th birthday on Sunday so the family (NAN included) drove up to her new unit and celebrated with her.

We all enjoyed a nice dinner out at a Thai restaurant and had a few good chuckles over Nan's inspection of Ashelighs unit....having the door jam shut and her being locked in the toilet for over 30mins was not her idea of fun but for some reason the rest of us all thought it was hilarious. Especially when the boys that came to rescue her thought she was stuck IN the toilet and were too embarressed to break down the door.
It ended well with Matty picking the lock after many attempts and we have her back safe and sound with us again.

Billy was on his best behaviour at dinner and was a delight to all the other diners. Though I am starting to get the impression that we will be eating out less and less (which is a good thing) in favour of staying home and having early nights. Thankfully the 1.5hr drive home was peaceful also with Billy and his mummy crashed in the backseat whilst daddy drove and talked to Nan.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Nan is Great!!

Nan came to visit all the way from Darwin to look after my mummy. She is even looking after me. I got to sit in the chair Dante used and had real food too.

I had porridge (Farex) and it was yummy. Most of it came out and mum then took over and scooped it back in and said I wasn't allowed to eat like Dante and had to be a clean eater. I blew a rasberry and the porridge went everywhere....Nan thought it was funny but mum wasn't impressed. She says I am cheeky and know exactly what she was saying but just wasn't listening.

Saturday, 19 April 2008 update on Billys life

It has been hectic, fun, chaotic and fantastic to have the family come and it the daily visitors (Bridgy, LJ and Shae) or the new sister wife Ally and cuz Dante. Grandma Gemma doesnt even count as a visitor....she's just a regular now!

I'll have to do some stories...because we certainly had our fair share of them over the past few weeks. In the meantime here are some photos to keep you updated.




SAM READING TO BILLY (reading him Sams Sandwich which was sams baby book!!)