Thursday, 25 June 2009

My life since Easter by Photos!!!

Me Building Sandcastles at Grandma's beach in BALLINA

My cousin Dante and I taking a 'double up' ride in the pram in Canberra
Mummy making me read the book before she buys it..."is this a good one Billy??"

My friend Nathan playing at the water park in winter!!! We didn't care... the water goes away and then squirts up again - more often than not in our faces!


ACTing Like A Mama said...

Billy - You are alive - its a miracle, what with the all the swine flu chaos going on in your household I thought maybe they had forgotton about you :). Great to see you are back in business! Say hello to Grandma and Grandad for Dante when you see him next, he is missing them and you and Aunty Clairie lots!

Anonymous said...

YAH! Welcome back Billy, good to see what you have been up to all this time! You look like you are growing up really fast!X
Love Aunty Rosie, Georgia & Bailey.

Gemma said...

Hello Billy, did you get Sam to put these photos up?? Love to see you on my beach. So excited about seeing you again this weekend, we are arriving in Warwick midday Friday for a special family mass and will be looking out for you on Saturday. Travel safely.