Sunday, 22 March 2009

Waiting for Easter Holidays

Here I am trying on my brand new lifejacket. Mummy bought this for me today so I can go with Grandad on his big boat. It has a whistle so I can let everyone know where I am. I have been practising with it and Daddy says it works very well!!


Gemma said...

How wonderful Billy. I thought you might stay on land and look after Grandma but I am hoping to have a little ride on the boat too!
So excited about seeing you at Easter.

Grandma Gem

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous Billy. You are growing up very fast! Love Aunty Rosie XX

Anonymous said...

I want to come too!!! Thinking of you all and hope you have a great Easter. Billy almost looks like an ester egg himself, all wrapped up and shiny!!! luv and hugs A. mon.

Trish said...

Gooooooo Billy...can't wait to hear all about your boat trip. Post some photos too. Sha xx

Anonymous said...

Billy I keep looking at this site to see what else you have been up to? I hope Mummy updates us soon.
Love Aunty Rosie.